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Creating your own Oracle


The Oracle acts as a Seer,

bridging the Seen to the unseen, the known to the unkown,

guidance brought into consciousness to advise the course of the current timetrack


*Timelines and Timetracks

Think of the timeline as a tree, (the collective experience)

and the timetrack as the branches (the individuals experience)


The point of the Oracle is that you can heed the advice and change your course,

It is not the only path and can often present and alternative.


This class is to guide you to create your own language and sentience to

read the transmission, and tools to aid this


Available to you alone, + your other  /  group

to book for a date suitable for you 

10 – 4pm 


Includes all materials, 

delicious plantbased lunch and the experiential


Email or TEXT for more information

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