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the SEER

Intuition / Psychic Development 101

The Seer

 Everyone has a 6th sense,

an intuition that is connected to their innate knowing,

a truth uncorrupted direct from Essence 

(Essence – you, your consciousness, all your incarnations, experiences and wisdom all the way back to Source)


Intuition uses the language of feeling,

that lightening strike of inspiration igniting a knowing and cognisance from deep within. 


That feeling can be triggered by certain protocols, rituals and use of different mediums,

awakening within you your own unique connection

to the patterns and play shaping the reality we live and love in

Crystal Ball.jpg

Your strength may be in Clairvoyance (seeing) 

(scrying: reading a reflective surface, water or a crystal for example), 
 It may lay in reading imprints and impressions, Clairsentience (feeling/touching) and Psychometry

You may hear and use Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

the trick is discernment - listening from within, not to anything outside yourself

or Claircognizance (knowing) – a balls to bone knowing

of the person, place, situation from a multidimensional and sensory perspective.

When you reconnect with your Essence, your intuition opened again to you,

a trust and confidence in Self propels the journey inward, to extend your experience

and develop (or remember) expanded ways of viewing the world.

Let me ignite and open you to your own extra sensory perception

for you to discover and develop your unique abilities in:

Clairvoyance (seeing)

 Clairsentience (feeling/touching) and Psychometry

Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

Claircognizance (knowing)

Includes Creating your own oracle and seeing Auras and energy

EMAIL to enquire about the program and prices

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