the Dragon

Healing the original Spell 


Igniting the 'Dragon'

breaks the original spell separating the life force and compartmentalisation of consciousness 


• Essence Embodiment 

as one embodies Essence the consciousness and LifeForce reunite and spell is not just broken,

but you have the tools then to reverse engineer in all Dimensions of Dreaming....

You will re establish your own direct connection to Essence (you,  all the way back to Source)

and begin to make a conscious connection with Lineage 

 remembering your truth, who you are with a new cognition of the Reality and how to create in it


You will understand how to maintain this state with protocols and tools you have learnt

This is the Ist module in the Consciousness Warrior Training and must be completed here as a retreat

Prerequisite: a one on one session 

EMAIL to enquire about the program, protocols and prices