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Explore and embody your Essence + Personal Cosmology

through this experiential dynamic based on Astrology and Metaphysics 

Your Astrology chart holds the key to many understandings of Self.

It can open you to parts of Self previously unexplored,

It can also reveal blocks obstacles disconnections and dynamics that 

keeping you ignorant of your truth and the magnitude of your creative power

There is great potency in symbology and sigals.

The energy of the symbol carries weight in the Collective,

and so it is recognised from the very depths of Essence,

(Essence, is you all the way back to Source)

Think of the birthchart as you unique 'sigil'  a personal 'blueprint' that encapsulates your frequency

Using your astrological data, we lay the planets out in a sphere for you to step into

and a tangible experience unfolds to feel the dynamic of how this energy represents you.

Cosmology 1.jpg

From here the fun begins 

• exploring the Self's gifts and talents,

• addressing blocks to your attractor factor - cognised and claimed

(from abundance to creativity and relationships)

• relationship dynamics embraced and Maat restored

• Your 'shadow', the spells, curses and inversions busted and transmuted in this and all Dimensions of Dreaming

(all realities your are a part of,  contribute to and energise)

It can be done as an individual session, or with a group

EMAIL to enquire

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