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Bringing Peace and Balance to the mind body spirit


The role of a Healer is often misconstrued,

In truth, its about holding the space, energy, juju for someone to step into it,

clearing away any obstacles that may be in hindering the path,

creating an opening, a portal into a new reality, - encouraging,

holding the integrity of the vision for the client / patient / aspirant needs to claim and encapsulate

for the change to take place and gain traction. 


You are a co creator in the event, not the sole instigator.

Soul Star.jpeg

What else does the healer embody? 
(because with out embodiment it’s all just thought forms with no juice, no substance - just pissing in the wind with lots of arm movement and reverent facial expressions)

• An understanding of the physical and etheric anatomy and the juju to be effective in rewriting /overriding / resetting the mind body spirit to sustain the upgrades

• The dynamics of imbalance – both physical and metaphysical 
spells; curses; voodoo; imprints; overlays; projections; surrogation;

emotional reaction; allergies to people, places situations;,

in fact we have over 70 on the list of fuckery, from our ‘Whole Health and Wellbeing collaboration

with its creator and my guest instructor, Dr Jon Veranese to satisfy the demands of the Left Brain.

• the nature of the Construct and the role of the multidimensional Self;

Lineage; Contracts, Agreements and consequences for removal;

other dimensions of dreaming, other dimensions of Self and how they interact and effect the here and now.

• healthy boundaries with a clear sense of Self,

an independent and autonomous connection to Essence, unbreached, pure and potent. 

You are not here to save or sacrifice for anyone

– you are NOT responsible for anyone or anything, only your experience of reality. 

However. it is imperative that as a healer,

you are sovereign, liberated from any connections and obligations to false ideals and deities,

and fully embracing your creative power to have the juice and juju to enact change and sustain balance.

It is recommended that you do the SEER module first,

to establish a connection with your truth and experience wisdom

and have insight into the metaphysical world.

It is a natural progression to move onto implementing change and correction

to what your Essence has intuited.


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