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the dark room

a purpose built room with an ensuite bathroom where you are In total darkness,

not a photon of Light, a completely immersive experience

The first phase balances Melatonin.


The next phase, hormones such as Pinoline are generated and released from the Pineal,

it calibrates to an extended bandwidth, and you begin to ‘see’ in the dark through a multidimensional lens


In the final phase, DMT is released for a visceral full body uploaddowloadrelaod


For me, this unequivocally engaged my Pineal and opened my consciousness

to memories and cognisance I had not previously encountered but had been searching for. 


It really is THE Initiation of RA. 


Entering the Void of Creation (the Essence of RA’s creative power)

through the Womb of MU (the Essence of MU’s creative power) is a visceral, self-generated unique encounter

The illumination is experience wisdom transmitted from YOU to you in your language and sentience.


It is a rebirthing of Self - you as the creator, midwife and mother

Prerequisite: One on One session, Double Bubble,

It is the graduation experience in Consciousness Warrior training 


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