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the Warrior

Psychic Warfare 101​

Psychic Warfare isn't necessarily about 'confrontation' its about not being at effect of the outside 'reality'

being so embodied that nothing can unseat your sovereignty or harness your liberty or creative power

Embody the Storm.jpg

From this centre of empowerment rewrite your reality restoring Maat,

integrity and all your ju ju for your Self and your Lineage

I give great transmission, with guidance and teaching from my Lineage 

on how to work within this paradigm and awaken your own Lineage connections and teachings

innate to you and your frequency, never to be at effect or co-opt again 

Can be done by invitation as an intensive to rock your world 

concludes with the 3 night the Dark Room experience


Pre-requisite: the Seer and the Healer


EMAIL for more...

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