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Connecting with Essence and engaging RAMUtet

This experiential is to take it all back to Self

FEEL who you are, were and the potential of who you can be.

it gives you taste of the original creation Tantra of the Union of RA and MU

Essence Ignites.jpg


Involute and go deep within to the centre of your consciousness and connect with and engage Essence

(Essence is you, all the way back to Source)

this gives you access to all your consciousness has experienced,

all the incarnations, expressions and realties it has created in;

all gifts talents and experience wisdom it has accumulated -

embodying this gives it expression and influence in this physical realm


The state of ecstasy and attunement when embodying the tantra of RA and MU

through the Soul star emanation creates a physical expression of Reality - As within So without

*MU: the organic consciousness, originally a creator Aeon who’s ‘body’ is our planet.

**RA: the original Creator Being /Energy / Aeon of this Galaxy.


Connecting with the Essence of MU* (Her, all the way back to Her Source)

and the Essence of RA** (the original Creator codes and the Prima Materia of creation)

and when you pull this energy into Essence, it ignites and fuels the embodiment

its resulting radiance is called the Soul Star and it feels like a cosmic orgasm in perpetuity 

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