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Return to Avallon

Igniting your relationship to the Sacred, the Sisterhood and the Self

The Lore of the Goddess Mysteries

were passed through Lineage initiation

which in turn travelled home with the ‘graduates’ 

spreading the juju around Europe and the globe


Be it AVALLON in Burgundy France or the AVALON of Britain, 

the common themes of the Sacred and Divine Feminine united them 

in frequency and lineage.


Sit circle with us again

Awaken knowings

Heal hurts

Renew and recommit to your path of 

honouring the Goddess and celebrating the Self


A Day of nature, Nurture and connection with 

Essence, Lineage, Experience Wisdom and authentic sisterhood 

We begin early and end around dusk

You will enjoy delicious plantbased cuisine

from Alive and Wild Plantgasm, immersed in the 

flora and fauna of the magical Byron Hinterland

undertaking this sacred experience


To ignite this adventure in consciousness,

You will Be initiated into Essence

(Essence is YOU, your Consciousness all the way back to Source

All your incarnations, experience wisdom, gifts and Talents)


This will Liberate your memories

(and you, from any previous initiations not Essence aligned)

Giving you access to claim your creative power - Sovereignty in Action


You will receive a custom cut crystal to record your experience

 in which we will install a deva from or aligned with your Lineage 

come alone, Bring a friend

gather your gals and create this opportunity 

as a shared experience for your Circle


Text: 0412400085


to choose a date and time for your Experience

Available as an experiential ONLINE


WEEKEND Retreat (Deeper Immersion)

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