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Testimonials from People who have experienced I of RA

both Online and as a retreat

Dragon and Consciousness Warrior Training are absolute FIRE

Living in Melbourne and working in a high-pressure job- I was just going through the motions. I was craving a deeper understanding of myself, this existence and a healing experience. I came across Vicki and her Consciousness school…the rest is history.

Vicki’s fun, vibrant and quick wit personality; had me in hysterics and her husband Jonny has a calming and nurturing presence. Together they created a beautiful safe and powerful space to undertake this training.

Their property in Byron Bay Hinterland is very special and I certainly felt the magic when I arrived. Vicki’s catering is divine, spoiling me with her plantbased cuisine. My favourites are her Mediterranean Cashew Brie Cheese and her raw choccy mousse.

The most valuable thing I learnt from Vicki’s training, is that it is all about going within and harnessing my own power, rather than looking around for someone else to help heal me. I had the tools all along and though Vicki’s experientials and teaching of psychic warfare, I am now able to rock this shit. 

It’s not for the faint hearted, requires boldness and a true commitment to self. Once you commence this training, your life will never be the same again and you trust me you won’t look back. By far, the best thing I have ever experienced. 

Loren, Melbourne

Vicki teaches and presents through her own personal experience of reality. 

She teaches you ‘how to drive the vehicle’ which is you, in the journey through space and time, her students are led to their own truths about themselves.

I felt supported, nurtured and inspired to seek my own truth and with commitment and courage know now I can achieve mastery


If you are someone who wishes to be in the world not of it, to live free of the rules and roles of the Matrix mindset then the consciousness warrior training is for you

 Vicki takes you through the step by step process of expanding your understanding of reality and the role you have to play.


I have read her Galactic Memoirs and blog material which reveals more and more profound understandings every time I revisit it


John Anthony Sydney

Putting experience into words is Vicki's super power.

She really understands the deep resonance of the aligned words, and the power that brings for each individual.

Weaving and connecting the energetic and interdimensional experiences with the logic of the mind.

There is such a powerful, and anchoring experience with Essence thanks to this super power.


If you want to tune in more deeply to, and live aligned with your awareness, and self, Vicki is the one to work with

Cat, Sydney

Big gratitude to Vicki and Dr Jon Veranese from the I of RA school of Consciousness and Embodiment for an amazing, life changing experience of consciousness, meditation, connection to the Essence of who I am, experience wisdom, personal cosmology and... embodiment!

Many things are still unfolding and it’s a been a lotta fun and discovery!

I definitely now know only to trust 💯 in myself and my intuition... For I have the keys to all my own inner wisdom, truth and energy. 🔑 No one else’s beliefs or regurgitated dogma can ever influence that again

Natasha, Sydney

You will not find more talented and powerful teachers and healers than Vicki and Jon Verenese.

They are supportive, fun and kind - but this is not casual work, it’s a true commitment to self. You will learn to stand in your own power and will be challenged.

The work is fun, freeing and exciting.


You can feel self-imposed limitations and wounds peeling away as you learn to fully love yourself, step in to your full sovereignty and be proud of your strength. There is no way I can recommend this work more highly. 


Jill, Hastings on Hudson, NY


I have had enough time to let the dust settle after your workshop and take everything we learnt into account.

Maybe it is not for everyone, but for me personally the initiation of RA you brought forward for me was the most powerful experience I had on the course any course for that matter. 


Something had unblocked in me since your course, I am not over heating (sweating) as much in my everyday life and fruit and vegetables are more appealing to me as food now. 


There is a definite shift within me its only subtle but I feel it. Ok so now I understand my role there is something in this work

Vic you are a legend!


Andy Hong Kong

Thank you for fully helping me step into my power and worth. I honestly have so much gratitude and love for you both

Peyton Byron Bay 

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