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Deck of RA card 11: FIRE

The Unclaimed Fire


If you don’t claim and tame your Fire, it will manifest as the unclaimed,

the ‘shadow’ in your experience of the reality 


Someone or something will use it instead


Unclaimed Fire can reflect as chaos, the unpredictable, the uninvited


Untamed Fire ignites and fuels emotional reaction,

locking you into the people places and situations you are reacting to.


Unclaimed Fire in mental realm will leave your mind reactive,

in the physical realm, drained;

emotionally it will manifest as impotent rage; 

spiritually in entrapments and entanglements to ensnare and engage you, keeping you locked into an imposed dynamic that is not Essence aligned.


$222  90 minute experiential

to claim and embody this Fire and radiate its authenticity

Online or here at CasaVeras

email or Text to book / enquire

The Unclaimed SELF 


So much of our fuckery comes from unclaimed Self 


We have attracted this because we have projected a Self

that is an amalgamation from the mind of what you

think / programmed / imprinted is / as desirable and powerful


It attracts the like – a false persona

who is also projecting an unrealistic version of themselves


You fall in love with that

– because it resonates with the best version of yourself

(or what you have projected it to be)


Its unsustainable, the false narrative always gets exposed 


Unconditional love is a myth;

and when your expectations are met with

their inability to fulfill their narrative,

the bonds of intimacy are continuously undermined by

disappointment, resentment, and festering hostility at the deception.


Before you begin the guilt blame shame game you are both complicit.


This experiential is designed to bring you back to YOU

and feel it, just feel YOU. 

Deck of RA card 2: Essence

Love it up, embrace it, laugh and cry with it it’s YOU

unfettered from programming expectation and projection, your authentic expression in all its glory.

As you embody this, the radiance you emit will carry these codes and be met by corresponding frequencies.

This is the same for all relationships, formal and informal, all the dynamics and hierarchy.


Relationships are not always a choice, but the dynamic you engage in

can give you the autonomy and sovereignty to keep it Essence aligned and authentic


Projection or Embodiment?


What do you choose to claim and radiate?

embody authentically, be accountable for and in MAAT with?

$222  90 minute experiential

to release entanglements, claim and embody the Self radiant with its authenticity

Online or here at CasaVeras

email or Text to book / enquire

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