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Adventures in Consciousness designed to take you to a specific frequency, feel a particular feeling

or allow exploration, expansion and opening to new paradigms and expression.

I create the space for this to happen :

Mentally: explaining the new and curious,

giving the mind assurance to allow consciousness to experience

 Physically: creating a safe and comfortable environment 

 Emotionally: working with blocks or triggers that can hinder the journey

Spiritually: addressing contracts, agreements, spells, curses, consequences for clearing etc

that is keeping you from embracing and utilising the truths you discover 


They are intensives that can be facilitated for an individual or a group, 

online or in person here at Retreats Byron Bay as a One on One session 

90 minute sessions : $222 +GST
includes mindfold, and Vibrational Healing Botanical and Gem Essence

Connecting with Essence and engaging RAMUtet

Reclaiming Your Cosmology

Return to Avallon

The UnClaimed

Learn meditation

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