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Galactic Memoirs

Read the I of RA Cosmology

Awakening to Liberation, Sovereignty and Purpose

designed to trigger your own memories as you experience the transmission  


• origins • lineage • the game, the players

• Family of RA

• the epochs of LeMuRa and AtlanRa

• the Consciousness Invasion....

The Dryad by EmilyBalivet .jpg

I chose to self pubish through a PDF..

I am aware that some people think nothing of sharing information - I get it,

however this is my work, an expression of my Essence made possible through my dedication to finding truth

and the experience wisdom of my Lineage


I have loaded it with good juju and frequencies to ignite the memories of the reader

and with that a caveat: I require an exchange, to maintain the integrity of intended transmission


Think of Maat  as the balance of the Universe, truth, justice, 

Ankh is Eternal Life however it involves Prana and breath, not just a symbol. you breath life into it.

For me it is like a battle cry of Eternal Life and Breath to Truth Balance and Justice.


something to consider when reading...

5 people can witness an event and you will have 5 differing accounts. 


So much depends on:

• Language and Languaging

sometimes we are all saying the same thing,

just with different words or developing concepts wrapped in belief systems


• level of consciousnessof both the sender and receiver


• subjectve assesment and recounting

tainted by  the emotional charge attached to it


So connect with and open to the similarities rather than getting caught in the differences 

take what resonates for you

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